Misconceptions about taking care of your health in the wrong way!

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Young men and women may have heard many teachings or prohibitions from adults regarding physical health. Which no one ever thought to doubt whether it was true or not. In addition, it continues to be passed on until it becomes a false belief.

In addition to believing completely Many people still adhere to it and continue to follow it. From childhood to adulthood as well But it’s probably time for us to sort out the truth about many of our instilled beliefs.

Eat a lot of protein and a little starch. Many people may be very popular with this type of diet, which is not eating rice or bread at all. In fact, complex carbohydrates are important for muscle growth.

Eating bland or sour fruit instead of one meal is a serious mistake. Because I changed from rice (starch) to fruit (it’s the same starch but has more sugar) ufabet https://ufabet999.app and I still don’t eat it with rice, which is protein and vegetables. The body will convert the natural starches and sugars in these fruits into fat stores. Some people therefore do not reduce For people who lose weight due to malnutrition, the bones, muscles, and blood decrease, resulting in a decrease in overall weight. These people will gradually become sick, exhausted and depressed until they eventually have to quit. And almost everyone is left as fat as before.

Home-squeezed fruit juice without added sugar or 100% fruit juice. In fact, fruit contains a lot of natural sugar. If you drink it and don’t exercise to burn it off, it will make you more fat than if you drink skim milk.

sour milk and yogurt Most of them are sweet and high in fat. But the protein isn’t enough. Some brands are low-fat. But it is high in sugar or mixed with fruit juice. Therefore, you should eat only natural, low-fat yogurt. Definitely not delicious.

Eat protein snacks or protein shakes instead of rice. These snacks don’t have any calories or fat. Also, protein shakes do not contain fiber.

You shouldn’t drink a lot of water. while exercising Losing a lot of water is not good for the body, especially when it’s in a hot place. Therefore, during and after exercising, don’t forget to drink water. To be sufficient for the needs of the body as well.

It can be seen that eating little, not eating at all, or starving is not a sustainable solution. And may damage your health more. It is recommend that you eat food appropriately, complete with 5 food groups and a variety. Avoid high-fat foods Exercise regularly Get enough rest. Even though you’ll see results a little later, your health will definitely be better.