5 negative health effects cause by eating too much sugar

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5 negative health effects caused by eating too much sugar

If talking about sweetness, of course, almost every woman cannot avoid eating sweets at all. Especially during the period before menstruation. This is when the body has a strong desire for sweets. But eating the right amount It cannot cause any negative effects on the body. But if eaten in excessive amounts It will inevitably have a negative impact on your health. For 5 negative health effects that result from eating too much sugar. Which is something that girls What you need to know is as follows at https://ufabet999.com

1. Increased risk of heart disease

Did you know that foods with a high amount of sugar are It is associated with an increased risk of various diseases. especially heart disease which heart disease is considered the leading cause of death It can be said that all over the world. The results of the study found that Eating foods high in contributes to obesity and inflammation. It is associated with atherosclerosis. and cause fatty deposits in the arteries It can be seen. It not only increases the risk of heart disease. But it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke as well.

2. Has an effect on causing acne.

Eating foods that are high in sugar or foods that contain refined carbohydrates It is classified as a food that has a strong relationship with causing acne. However, foods with a high glycemic index It increases blood sugar levels faster than foods with a low glycemic index. And eating this type of food can cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike. It leads to increased androgen secretion. and causes increased oil production on the skin Including causing inflammation very easily As well as causing acne to follow.

3. Increase weight
One of the reasons why many people are overweight is eating foods high in sugar or eating too much sugar. Eating sugar mostly comes in the form of eating sweets or various drinks , especially sugary drinks such as soft drinks, milk tea or fruit juice, which are often full of fructose and glucose. If you are a woman Consuming these two types of sugar increases hunger and makes the body crave more food.

4. Accelerate the aging process of the skin

Of course, wrinkles are a sign of the skin getting older. But did you know that foods that are high a lot of desserts? It will accelerate the aging process of the skin. In particular, aging accelerators, known as AGEs, are compounds that are produced from reactions between sugars and proteins within the body. AGEs are also involved in causing wrinkles and causing young women Look old before your time too.

5.Increase the risk of cancer.
If you don’t believe it, you have to believe that foods that are high too much sugar can increase your risk of cancer as well. Eating too many sweets will start to lead to obesity. and will increase the risk of developing cancer In addition, eating foods that are high. It will also increase inflammation in the body. and causes the body to become resistant to insulin. Both of these things increase the risk of getting cancer.