How to eat to get all the nutritional value and calories?

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In general, The body needs calories or energy from consuming food or drinks. To use in life Each person’s body needs different amounts of energy. which depends on many factors. Whether it’s size, shape, age, gender, and activities you do every day. People who want to maintain a healthy weight should consume food and drinks equal to the amount of energy they expend.

Consumption behavior that is beneficial to health is to consume the same amount of energy as you expend. Men should receive approximately 2,500 kilocalories of energy per day, while women should receive approximately 2,000 kilocalories of energy per day. Those who are overweight should reduce their weight by approximately 0.5-1 kilogram per week. ทางเข้า ufabet Reduce the amount of food and drink consumed to 500-600 kilocalories per day.

Additionally, choosing to eat nutritious foods will help your body get the right amount of energy. By consuming food or drinks that are low in sugar and fat. or eating fat and sugar in small amounts and infrequently This is because sugar and fat have a high calorie count. People who regularly consume these foods or drinks may get too much energy. Calculating the calories of various foods and drinks will help you make the right choices. The body will receive sufficient amounts of energy and nutrients to meet its needs.