Is it true? Short hair likely suffer from dandruff than long hair.

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Is it true? Short hair is less likely to suffer from dandruff than long hair.

Dandruff is a problem caused by the buildup of dead skin cells on the scalp. This can be caused by many reasons, such as hair that is too long can cause the scalp to not produce enough oil. Makes the scalp dry and prone to dandruff. Additionally, long hair can cause more sweat. Which is also one of the causes of dandruff.

Therefore, people with short hair are less likely to have dandruff than people with long hair. This is because short hair doesn’t need as much oil as long hair. And does not cause sweat to accumulate on the scalp as much as long hair. Report from ufabet

How to prevent dandruff:

  • Wash your hair regularly at least once a day. To remove dead skin cells and excess oil from the scalp.
  • Choose shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for your hair and scalp condition.
  • Avoid using too much heat on your hair. This is because the heat can cause the scalp to become dry and cause.
  • Eat healthy foods, such as foods that contain vitamin C and the mineral zinc. This helps keep the scalp healthy and reduces the risk.

Causes on the scalp

Dandruff is caused by many factors, including heredity, hormones, physical and emotional stress. Chemicals from hair dyeing or from the shampoo used, the weather, and the condition of the scalp that is dry or oily and accumulated humidity Including the occurrence of fungus on the scalp. This results in the acceleration of skin cell turnover faster than it should, causing itching. Chronic inflammation in the scalp follows. But is not a serious, dangerous disease. Can treat and eliminate easily.