Polo shirt fashion, Old Money style, old style!

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Polo shirt fashion, Old Money style, old style!

At this time, the trend of dressing in a simple and classic style is hot. Old Money fashion dressed in the old style. So it’s very popular. which if anyone wants to try to dress elegantly look expensive It is recommended to have a polo shirt in the closet.

for fashion polo shirt It’s a shirt that is popular among Old Money because it is popular to wear for sports such as tennis, golf or sailing on holidays, plus on a casual day. can also pick up a polo shirt to wear

It is often matched with simple bottoms such as neatly cut shorts, slacks or tennis skirts. There may be a simple elegant belt. Just this, you can get the look of the good old man. Beautiful, chic, looks expensive.

 Country Style Dinner Traveling to the sea, sailing in the summer Playing golf on the weekend Wear polo shirts to match with every look. Stay in an Italian style house with a large backyard. Household appliances are vintage. Lifestyle, living life that everyone envies. All of these are fashion and lifestyle trends (new) that are coming back again, known as “Old Money Aesthetic”. Report from https://ufabet999.com

For those of you who want to keep up with Old Money fashion trends, here are the main things to know.

  1. simple design clothes not many patterns no brand logo or very small
  2. Emphasis on high quality sewing and must have good fabric
  3. Use natural tones such as white, black, grey, beige, cream, brown, burgundy. navy blue, dark green, and pastel colors
  4. small pieces of jewelry and the design is not noticeable
  5. Bags, shoes, belts, the same color tone as the clothes.

Currently, there are many brands that follow the Old Money fashion trend, ranging from luxury at a price of ten thousand, such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Polo Ralph Lauren, to affordable street fashion brands like Adidas, including clothes. Second hand that is really Old Money style has become something that many fashionistas are looking for. Because it’s hard to find and unique.