3 formulas for the Dragon Tiger game, difficult to lose

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Dragon Tiger is a card game that decides the points of both sides with just one card. The rules of play are slightly similar to baccarat. But it’s not as complicated as you’ve seen in other card games before. It is another bet with a short playing time. Suitable for gamblers who are looking to play card games in no time. or gamblers who want to make more money Today we will introduce 3 formulas , Dragon Tiger that is the most difficult to lose. that can help increase your profits. สมัคร UFABET

1. Dragon Tiger bet formula, repeating cards

For those who have played baccarat before, they are probably familiar with this formula. Many gamblers call this trick. The Dragon’s Tail formula means looking for the winning side to bet frequently for at least 4-5 rounds. Your task is to bet on the same side again. Until there is an alternating result on the other side, such as tiger – tiger – tiger – tiger, so the next round should be chosen to bet on the tiger to enter the betting formula again. It is a starting formula that is easy to play, not complicated and still hopes to make good money.

2. The formula for betting on the Dragon Tiger card, alternating points

This recipe has another name that is familiar to the ears like the ping-pong formula. It is a method of betting that sees that the winning side’s exit pattern is not with either side for a long time. For this reason, alternating bets are therefore a more suitable avenue, such as tigers – dragons – tigers – dragons – tigers, so the next round for you to choose to bet on the dragon itself. If the same award has not been issued yet To make the stab switch continuously.

3. Dragon Tiger Formula Odd Numbers

In a deck of cards there are 52 cards in total, there are 28 odd numbers and 24 even numbers, so if you choose to bet on odd numbers, there is a higher chance of winning. But this formula is necessary to memorize the cards well, starting from the first round of dealing cards. Look at how many even numbers have been issued Or how many rounds of odd numbers have been issued until about the 20th card, if it is found that there are more than 10 even numbers out of odd numbers, you can immediately choose to bet on odd numbers, having a chance of 0.7, which is more than aimlessly random bets