“Braithwaite” tells him to serve four games of dairy cows rather

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Martin Braithwaite has revealed he has played for Denmark in his last four matches, more than he has played in a season with Barcelona

. With two goals and one assist in his first league game against Real Sociedad

, the Danes played in games against Athletic Bilbao and Getafe before suffering a serious head injury. Knee until having to rest from September until January last And coming back as an underdog against Osasuna for 10 minutes

, Braithwaite’s future is a mystery as he has more than two years of contract at Camp Nou

. T, who returned to the nation in four Nations League games under Kasper Julmand

Braithwaite, admitted he had been playing for the “Dairy Cow” in the past few days. past More than the whole season with “Aliens”

“I have played in four more games than I have played in the entire season. it’s awesome And I’m happy with the confidence Casper has given me,” he told UFABET Sport

. But I knew I had to convince Julmand to be fit in training and with the limited amount of time I played

. I’m insanely happy and I’m so thankful. for the trust they gave.”

“It’s great to be back. After disappearing since the Euro I am proud to be back and help the team again.”