What is Dragon Tiger?

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How to play the Dragon Tiger card game is similar to playing Baccarat. But the Dragon Tiger card game is easy to play, the game ends quickly, it is a game that earns money and loses equally easily, 50/50 because the Dragon Tiger card game will receive a card on each side How to play is for players to choose the side to bet between tiger (tiger) and dragon (dragon) which side will have a higher score or may choose to play as well. to make a profit of 8 times

Once you have chosen a side then bring the chip to the side that you choose in the game table Once the bet has been placed, the dealer will start dealing cards at the specified time. All players must place their bets. But if not in time for that game It is considered that you waive your right to bet. Dragon Tiger is a one card game and it’s over. no more draws Is a game suitable for people who do not like to wait for a long time. Open only 1 card. Let’s measure. Who will win?

Dragon Tiger formula, a formula that can play for real money

In this section we will talk about techniques. or a formula for playing Tiger and Dragon cards online. Make real money and have a greater chance of winning. Than a random bet which is a novice gambler or casino master can apply this technique In playing the dragon tiger, let’s see. Because to win a single card game is not difficult. But it is necessary to use the Dragon Tiger. Formula to help increase the chances of success of betting to make money in your pocket every time. Especially betting according to statistics. The most rewarding results. And this is 1 important technique that should not be miss. สมัคร UFABET

Dragon Tiger Formula, check the statistics of the past 5 eyes, there are a lot of things to bet on.

Currently, Dragon Tiger card game There are many formulas to choose from. Although the form of betting does not require analysis or counting of points, choosing a formula to use will increase your chances of success even more. which is very important Especially the selection to see the statistics of the previous prize draw. and use the data to be analyzed and choose to bet with more confidence As well as the formula for checking historical statistics for 5 eyes,

which is a technique that is very popular in playing this game.

  1. Choosing to use the Dragon Tiger formula, check the historical statistics for 5 eyes. What is out? This formula, players need to look at the past statistics. to select which side produces the most, for example, find the most dragons
  2. Then clearly set the goals of the bets. both in terms. Of profit and the funds that are chosen to bet
  3. Starting the first bet, start with a small capital first. Such as 50, 100, 200, depending on the strength of each person.
  4. If you find that the most dragons come out. Stab only on the dragon’s side. until the wrong stab or lose 4 consecutive bets
  5. In the event that they can play. They should not be roll over. Should choose the same betting formula every time. Whether it can be play or lost to reduce the risk and clearly define the funds every time you play

It can be seen that by looking at the winning statistics of every face of the card in the past Choose to look back at least 5 times for accuracy of the analysis. Because past statistics would be a great source of information. Compared to choosing to stab the side according to feelings or undirected guesswork which is more harm than good Therefore, it should not be a risk.

For selecting to view historical statistics as the basis of the use of the Dragon Tiger formula To emphasize the bet on the side that issued the most points This is the formula that many people choose to use the most as well. because it is the choice of the side and look at the card layout known as the dragon card layout It is a feature of the outcome of bets on either side consecutively.

by playing cards like this It is a favorite for many betting masters. Because the chances of success bets can be successively about 6-7 times, it is a golden minute period of continuous money making in the pocket. until the card is dropped from the original