Yung asks for “Lavia” in a deal to grab “Phillips”

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The UFABET reports that Leeds United have called on Manchester City to include Romeo Lavia in a deal to sign Calvin Phillips. The 26-year-old has already informed Yungthong that he has to move to the Etihad, and

Phillips is thought to be worth around 50 million. pounds this summer. But City seem to have a way of lowering the price of the player.

The two clubs rate the 18-year-old highly and it is thought Manchester City. Are reluctant to let him depart, but view a potential deal as a way to offset any bid they may make for Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips.

Recently, it has been reported that Leeds have urged City to include Lavia in their offer to sign Phillips. Although it is unclear whether it is an absolute purchase. Or on loan,

City took Lavia from Anderlecht in 2020 and assessed the pace very high. The striker played 27 games at youth level last season. It also debuted with the big set under the supervision of Pep Guardiola already.

However, the latest reports that City are still unsure whether the 18-year-old midfielder will be ready to step up into the senior team. Amid interest from Leeds and Southampton

, Lavia joined City to win the Premier League Two last season. He still has 2 years left on his contract.