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How to play PokDeng online for real money online card game It’s very easy, not difficult. In 1 room of the game of Pok Deng, there will be players for you to choose to bet on 5 legs. You can choose to bet on any one of the poker games. Or you can choose to bet on multiple hands to spread the risk in the bounce card game. Or increase the chance to win more by playing bounce Online. Then 2 cards are dealt on each side. If any side has a point close to 9 points, that side will win. But in the case of the first 2 cards, if the points are not more than 5 points. Or if the total is 8, it is called Pok 8. And this is how to play Pokdeng.

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  • Two bounces means there are cards in two hands whose cards have the same suit or the same number. If the bet wins, the winnings are double.
  • Three Bounce means having three cards in a hand where all three cards are of the same suit. If you win, you will receive three times the prize money.
  • Three remaining means having a hand of three cards in which the hand is an all foreigner or a group of three JQK cards, if holding a card like this will have a point higher than 9 that is not Pok Nine. If you win, your bet will be tripled.
  • Tong means having three cards in hand. with all the same numbers. If holding a card like this, it has a point higher than 9 that is not Pok Nine. And above three yellow If you win. Your stake is paid five times.
  • Sort means to have three cards in hand. And are arrange in a row. For example 2-3-4,5-6-7,JQK. (In the event that the card is KA-2 or A-2-3. It will not be called more than the sequence. Because 2 has the lowest value and A is the highest value). will receive a triple bet

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In addition to being able to play poker, online card games. Play the web, play bounce through the computer screen. You also have another option to think of that increases the convenience of playing Pok Deng more. You can play Pok Deng through the mobile screen. No matter where you are, you will be able to join in the fun of betting on bounce cards. Bet with poker bounce easily via mobile phone. Just you apply for membership on our website. Applying in just a few simple steps will be able to play online PokDeng for real money. with our online casino website สมัคร UFABET